How Black People Support Slavery in Modern Times – DAILY!! – Must Read

…is this even legal? Dàmn!

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the NEW slave ships... the NEW slave ships…

The 13th amendment abolishes slavery except for the punishment of crimes; effectively making ANYONE inside a prison complex a slave to the United States of America.  The 13th amendment effectively ended the privatization of the human flesh trade and brought it under federal oversight.

Now they call it fancy names like “mass incarceration” and the “prison industrial complex” – for the many people that pass through those walls, it is a combination of slavery and sharecropping, 21st century style.

And we the American public – especially Black people (who make up the largest percentage of “new slaves” in prison), gleefully support the insidious institution knowingly, while feigning ignorance.  Don’t believe me?

Here is a list of the corporations who are the new overseers for the federal government (this list is compiled from US Uncut and Atlanta Black Star) that…

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Friend or Foe?

Friend or Foe?

what’s your intent are you selfish or do you have my back are you down with me when my chips are low…who you with? are  you gonna be in agreement with me or you gonna fight me on every side…help me maintain sanity  within the issues of life…don’t take from  if you not gonna replenish to…I’m here to get used so use me up, don’t mess me up… i give myself away so you can use me …don’t say it if you don’t mean it…life and death is in the power of the tongue…choose your words wisely…don’t become a frienemy after you confess love for me…don’t lie to me lie for me… cover my sin, pray for me…ride or die with me…together we can conquer the cosmos…lets go half on a baby don’t tell me maybe and  demise a trick on me…be real to me and be real to you…life don’t care bout us…make it last forever LOVE …love me back…love is what it does…does it cheat…does it discriminate…does it relate if i loose my business?   love is kind…LOVE; does it hurt… WHY you wanna treat me so bad you know i love you…LOVE  it covers a multitude of mess…will you love me in my mess, duress and stress …what’s your  intent …when all the money is gone…will you share your money with me or will you flee from me…will you prepare my dinner or tell me its in the micro wave …are you like Eve, desiring power but easily lead astray from power…together we are powerful…apart we are incomplete…my kingdom is my family ruled with an iron fist and a soft heart and a 44 magnum…can you foresee my vision…what’s your intent…friend or foe …the answers don’t come quick…don’t choose for me confer with me!

what do you want from me?

what do you want from me; i offer you advice you say you hate when i’m right, such a strong word; is it that you hate me or you hate advice. what do you want from me, help me help us ; are you a helpmate  are you a hater? can you receive love can you stand to be pruned can you stand the rain. what do you want from me, my compassion is brutal , brutally honest my money is not long but it will suffice my heart is of virtue i’m a superman lover feel my force stronger than a locomotive ; i can’t understand why i’m so into you, what do you want from me, what’s your beef, why you compete with me don’t you know i’m in your corner i  got you i got your back and your front ,side to; don’t struggle with my efforts to be keen with you no need for kung-fu fighting no need for miserality it’s not cool. what do you want from me, don’t i  endow you with gifts don’t i grant you your own premonitions don’t i aide in resolving  your matters aren’t i the sugar in your grits the heal on your shoe what’s up with you what do you want from me, i take on the world for you i bleed for you i  reciprocate my love to you i plant my seed in you,you lay your head on my shoulder we sleep in the same bed i bathe you i nurse you i chastise you i groom you, i give for you i defend you i make it possible for you. i tax that vagina; i stimulate your senses what do you want from me, till death do we part; a father to your kids a father to my kids a family man an implausible son-in-law a man of valor  a God fearing man a man of many coats a man open to suggestion.                what do you want from me?? ain’t i been good to you? got me feeln radical and analytical with every movement.

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just my point of view

  He said to her are you able to have children, she said yes…so he based his decision on that along with the fact that he loved her ( at least i thought ) and pre-marrital sex. was it love or lust? he realized know that he could have been blinded by both, strong-headed and hot! he wanted what i wanted at that point in time; which was her despite the fact that she had 10 kids she said she was able to have more. desperate for a change in his life the bait was taken, literrally. can’t blame her though, he took the bait and she hooked him…did she love him during all thoughs outings and family affairs? why would she go through the trouble of family introductions and trust or was it a set up for exploitation.